About Us

Respected accredited designer Diane Ernjakovic is the Principal Designer behind One Three Design Inc.

Diane has always had a realistic and practical approach to the design and construction process. After graduating from Sheridan College with High Honors in Interior Design, Diane worked in the field of retail and commercial design for nearly a decade completing projects ranging in 5,000-50,000 sqft. Diane formed One Three Design Inc. with her former partner and has since then taken over the reins on her own. Diane has also taught part time in the Sheridan College Interior Decorating Diploma program.

In a shift to more residential projects, she has enjoyed the personal connection to homeowners and the joy it brings to both her and the clients.   “There is nothing that beats the joy in homeowners when they see their transformed homes”-DE

Diane has an affinity towards bright, clean design with attention to details, however in recent projects Diane has enjoyed exploring more colour and warmer tones on both walls and furniture.

Home Organization is also a top priority as well as obsession for Diane.  Customizing storage is always a topic of discussion  and Diane believes the key to a calm life.

As a mother of two young girls, entrepreneur, charity supporter, mentor and organization junkie, Diane is a believer that there is always a way to make things happen.

“This may be my colour era” -DE